About the Press

Founded in 2015, Highlander carries the imprimatur of the Highland Institute, while also retaining full editorial independence. As an international academic publisher of monographs, edited volumes, and journals, primarily in the humanities, political and social sciences, its policies and practices are guided by a global editorial team, and publications enjoy the benefit of a global distribution network. 

While the research remit of Highlander began with the varied landscapes and communities of Highland Asia, seeking to foster editorial and publishing energies and synergies in-region, by the region, for the region; it has at the same time saught to enlarge its scope across the Asian highlands and beyond (for further reflection, see the 'About' section in our Highlander Journal.

The principal mission of the press is to ensure that the highest quality standards in research, editing, and publishing are available and accessible to all authors, reviewers, readers, scholars and intellectuals, regardless of their location, socioeconomic status, and other potential constraints on access to research.

While our print editions are available at affordable rates from most major book retailers, our open access policy also ensures that most Highlander publications are also available in digital format and are free to download. For both print and digital versions alike, authors retain copyright, and readers are able to copy, distribute and transmit the published research as long as the author is attributed, the research is not used for commercial purposes, and not modified or adapted in any way (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).